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How to Read an HTS Code (& Estimate Customs Duties)

Members of the World Customs Organization (WCO), which includes US customs, use the Harmonized System (HS) to classify...

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FDA ITACS: A Tool to Speed Your Next Import

Everyone wants to cut in front of the line, especially when your company's time and money depend on importing shipments...

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How to Choose an FDA US Agent

Enlisting an FDA US agent is a basic requirement for importers of FDA-regulated products. US agents are the frontlines...

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Top 5 FDA Entry Submission Errors & How to Avoid Them

Expediting imports of your FDA-regulated products keeps you a step ahead of the competition, with accurate and complete...

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FDA Import Alerts: How to Get Off a Red List

Import alerts notify U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) personnel that the agency has sufficient evidence that a...

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The Top Challenges for U.S.-Bound Food Imports

Without question, one of the most challenging aspects of doing business in the U.S. is navigating the many and varied...

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