FAQs About Amazon's New U.S. Dietary Supplements Policy

Reviewed and Approved by Steven Taormina, Certified Laboratories Regional Business Development Director – West, Cosmetic, OTC, and Supplements 

Amazon’s April 2024 updates to its dietary supplements selling policy include additional third-party verification requirements for manufacturers and distributors who sell or plan to sell dietary supplements on the world’s top retail outlet for supplements. 

To help cut through the confusion, we answer some frequently asked questions. 

What’s Changed in Amazon's New Dietary Supplements Policy? 

Amazon's 2024 policy update introduced a shift in how dietary supplement sellers must manage their product listings. Amazon prioritized three supplement categories for these requirements:  

  • Sexual Enhancement 
  • Weight Management 
  • Bodybuilding & Sports Nutrition 

A critical element of this update is that Certificates of Analysis (COAs) must now be submitted to Amazon through a third-party Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) company that Amazon has approved. This change aims to enhance the chain of custody and ensure the authenticity and safety of supplements sold on Amazon in the United States. 

Testing requirements now include… 

  • Heavy metals 
  • Microbial contaminants 
  • Pesticides and THC (if applicable, based on a review of product components) 

In addition to those tests, Seller Partners must also have a COA for… 

  • Content claims verification 
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredient screen (based on the adulterants, per the risk category) 

The products must also be manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility (GMP compliance is based on an audit by an accredited third-party), and product labels and claims must comply with U.S. FDA supplement labeling regulations. 

See Amazon’s Dietary Supplement Policy on their Seller Central page here: Amazon Supplement Policy 

Why Did Amazon Make These Changes? 

These policy updates stem from Amazon's ongoing efforts to ensure product compliance, enhance customer trust, and align with federal regulations on dietary supplements.  

By updating the requirements for COAs and testing, Amazon aims to prevent the sale of adulterated or mislabeled products, which can pose serious risks to consumers. 

Lab technician preparing samples for dietary supplements testing. 

Can I Still Use Certified Laboratories for My Supplement Testing? 

YES! Manufacturers can still use Certified Laboratories (an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory) for their supplements testing. The key change is that the COA provided must be submitted to and verified by a TIC organization that Amazon has approved before the products can be listed. 

As stated on Amazon’s website: “For products where testing has already been conducted by an ISO 17025 accredited lab (including in-house labs), you can submit a test request form for the affected products to an approved verification service provider of your choice…” 

What is a Verification Service Provider, or TIC? 

A verification service provider, called a “TIC” (Testing, Inspection, and Certification) company, is an entity that Amazon Seller Partners must use to verify the compliance of their products against Amazon’s Supplement Policy. These TIC companies ensure that supplements sold meet the requirements and quality standards set by Amazon, per the policy. 

Amazon currently lists three TICs on its website. However, this list is subject to change. 

How Do I Initiate Lab Testing or COA Verification? 

To comply with Amazon’s policy for testing verification, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the Manage Your Compliance dashboard. 
  2. Click Add or Appeal Compliance next to the product. 
  3. Select Request Lab Service.


Which TIC Should I Use? 

Reach out to Certified Laboratories if you want a recommendation on which Amazon-approved TIC to use.  

How Will the TIC Verify My COA Compliance? 

The TIC will evaluate the COA, including the lab’s accreditation and testing methods, to ensure your product meets Amazon's standards. 

Will Certified Laboratories Be Listed as an Amazon-Approved TIC? 

Certified Laboratories is an approved TIC for ophthalmic and skin-brightening products. We are working with Amazon to be added as a TIC for dietary supplements. We will keep customers posted.   

White dietary supplement capsules on a table in preparation for laboratory testing. 

How Have Compliance with Labeling Requirements Changed? 

The policy reinforces compliance with labeling standards in 21 CFR 101.36 and 101.9(g)(3-4), requiring that labels must accurately represent the product as verified by the TIC. This ensures consistency between what is on the label and what is in the product, aligning with federal labeling regulations. 

Our regulatory consulting arm, EAS Consulting Group, can review your labels for compliance.  

Certified Laboratories is Here to Help with Your Amazon Testing 

As we navigate these changes, it's important for Seller Partners to understand that you can still use Certified Laboratories for supplement testing 

Our ISO 17025 accreditation and supplement testing experience, coupled with our ability to provide label reviews through EAS Consulting Group, mean we can collaborate effectively with your TIC to ensure your products meet Amazon's standards to be listed.  

Stay proactive in managing your compliance through Amazon’s dashboard and stay informed of any further updates to their policies.  

Please contact us with questions.  

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